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Installation of several HAM OFFICE programs


ARCOMM's HAM programs are licensed to one callsign. It is possible to install a program on several computers with the same registration key and the same activation code.

Several programs or several logbooks?

If you want to use HAM OFFICE for different callsigns, you can proceed in 3 different ways.

  • Either you install the program on another PC
  • .. or you set another HAM OFFICE on the PC on which it was already running
  • .. or you just create a new log for the other callsign in HAM OFFICE.

For a Setting up a completely new program has the advantage that it is completely independent. But then you have to switch back and forth between two programs and make different settings again.

If you use one and the same program for different callsigns, then some set-up effort is eliminated.

A program with several logbooks.

We recommend this approach if you don't have your own PC for the second callsign.

After you have installed and set up the program for your own callsign, you can proceed as follows for the second callsign:

  • From the start page select the menu item "Logbook - List of logbooks".
  • There you press the "New" button and give the new logbook a name (eg the second call sign). Then press the "OK" button and the next logbook appears in the list.
  • You can switch between different logbooks by placing the bar on the desired log in this list and then clicking the "Activate" button below "pressed.
  • Another possibility to switch between two logbooks can be found on the start page. If you click on the name of the activated log, a list opens to select the other log. To do this, the option "Show name of the activated logbook" must be checked under "Extras - Program options - Program - others".
  • In various windows, adjustments may have to be made for the further callsign. For example, you have to enter your own password in the EQSL or LotW window.
  • For the online log, the HAM OFFICE registration number of the second call sign should be entered under "Home - Extras - OnlineLog".

Another HAM OFFICE on the same PC

The installation routine only allows the installation of a HAM OFFICE program on a PC.

To avoid this limitation, proceed as follows:

Variant 1: Already during the installation of the first program, enter as Target directories for program and data always the same folder. This folder must not be located in the main "programs" folder. After the installation all files and folders of HAM Office are in this one folder. The program will NOT start at the end of the installation.
A new folder will now be created on the hard drive. Everything that is contained in the other folder is copied into this new folder.
You then have two folders on the hard disk, each containing all data and files.
HAM Office can now be started in each of the two folders and the relevant registry key entered

Variant 2: If HAM Office is already installed on the PC, then you create a new folder for the second program. This folder must not be in the main folder "Programs".
After that, all files and folders from the installed program will be copied into this new folder. It is very likely that the program files of the existing program are in c:\programs and the data files in "my Documents".
The new folder then contains all of the HAM Office data and files.
HAM Office can now be started in this folder. After calling up the menu item "Help - Info", the second registration key can be entered after clicking on the existing callsign.

Do you need your own registration key for the second callsign?

Various program parts of HAM OFFICE use functions that access web databases. Still other functions require the callsign as it is specified in the registration key of the program.
This is described in the following FAQ entry for the online log. https://www.hamoffice.de/faq_e.htm#z60

It is therefore strongly advised to get a separate registration key for each further call sign.
This can, for example, easily be done via the personal account area on the HAM OFFICE website.
There you can request free registration keys for family members and training stations or club stations.

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