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  • 6.290.0: Import: important correction. Under certain circumstances it happened that a J in QSLrcvd was converted into an S during import. This is now improved. HAM OFFICE now converts back to a J automatically when opening the QSO input window, so that older QSOs are also correct again.
  • 6.290.0: QSL printing in conjunction with HAM label: The sorting "QSL office" can now be reversed using the checkbox under the sorting selection.
  • 6.290.0: Elimination of an error mess

21.09.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.296.0

  • 6.295.7: LogCheck: Column setting now separately depending on whether quick search is switched on or not
  • 6.295.7: Creation of new labels for label printing: Templates now fit better into changed card or label sizes
  • 6.295.7: minor layout corrections

15.09.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.7

  • 6.295.6: QSO input: When displaying the QSL image, the right and bottom margin was sometimes cut off a bit - now improved
  • 6.295.6: QSO printing: When sorting by QSL office, QSLvia is better taken into account with DXCC=K
  • 6.295.6: QSO printing with HL: fundamental revisions for better placement and moving of elements in the mask editor
  • 6.295.6: Contests: When saving a QSO, writing to the hard drive is now required in the contest, as with the "normal" QSO ent

07.09.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.6

  • 6.295.5: QSO entry: Correction when displaying previously worked QSOs with a specific call sign
  • 6.295.5: Label editing in mask editor: Label zoom improved so that there is still space for a text line (premium license)
  • 6.295.5: September contest update
  • 6.295.5: CAT setting transverter: decimal places possible
  • 6.295.5: QSO input window: Some fields only allow uppercase letters (sometimes reverted to lowercase)
  • 6.295.5: Log export: multip

31.08.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.5

  • 6.295.4: Special treatment of some special suffixes
  • 6.295.4: Optimizations in mask editor (when HAM label is included)
  • 6.295.4: Optimizations when accessing external logs

24.08.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.4

  • 6.295.3: further improvements in prefix handling
  • 6.295.3: new option "Export Rem as COMMENT" for export as file and export to web databases
  • 6.295.3: F4 additional window when entering QSO: switch more visible
  • 6.295.3: Reducing QSO list updates when Hotimport is running in background
  • 6.295.3: further improvements in the prefix file

17.08.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.3

  • 6.295.2: Prefix file improvements, some blocking removal
  • 6.295.2: Web QSO Exchange: fix for export of QSO comments to qrz.com, eqsl etc (if checked)

10.08.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.2

  • 6.295.1: Improved display of QSO list with date restriction
  • 6.295.1: Correction map for azimuthal display
  • 6.295.1: Correction of data backup (all autobackup folders appeared in the directory selection window, even if autorestore was not selected)

03.08.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.1

  • 6.295.0b: in the classic layout, the blue buttons are on the start page again instead of the colored buttons
  • 6.295.0b: correction of the cat switch in the QSO input window: an error message could occur
  • 6.295.0: August contest update
  • 6.295.0: VHF contests: when mode is changed via TRX, RSTs/r are adjusted immediately
  • 6.295.0: Export eQSL also Freq1, removed double Freq specification for others
  • 6.295.0: correction for data synchronization

27.07.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.0

  • 6.294.6b: correction external logs: with 6.294.6 some ADIF files were not imported correctly - now ok again
  • 6.294.6: QSO lists: no display of flag if no DXCC is assigned
  • 6.294.6: External logs: Eig.Loc and km specification are used, even if the acceptance of the default log values is not checked
  • 6.294.6: External logs: reading is restarted immediately when a setting is changed
  • 6.294.6: External logs: unsorted ADIF logs are now also supported

14.07.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.295.6

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