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Statistics - further functions

Pic below: 1. The settings can be saved using the middle switches and can be called up again at any time.

statistics overview hamoffice my amateur radio logbook
(Zoom pic)

2. You can exclude different fields from the statistics by removing the lower tick. This also adjusts the menu on the left.

Pic below: 3. Both the "Area1" field in the QSO entry and the "Area2" field are dependent on the DXCC. For DL you can enter all DOKs there, for OE all ADLs etc.
The selection bar above the band/mode setting allows you to select the DXCC for which the area statistics are to be displayed.

qso-evaluations area hamoffice my amateur radio logbook
(Zoom pic)

4. With large screen resolutions, the map or the standard list can be permanently displayed below the counted entries.

Pic below: with map:

qso-evaluation overview with map
(Zoom pic)

Pic below: with standard list:

qso-evaluations overview with list hamoffice my amateur radio logbook
(Zoom pic)

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