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Win contests with HAM OFFICE.

HAM OFFICE can make the contest easier. For this purpose, there are a number of ready-made input windows in the program, which are tailored to specific contests. Here you only enter the callsign of the remote station and the control number required according to the current contest specification in the fields that are really required and you can log the next station. The program warns of double QSOs and incorrect entries. Even during the contest you can track your score and see before saving whether a station is valuable for points or multies. After the contest you can send the QSO list to the contest manager at the push of a button. It couldn't be easier.

With these ready-made windows, HAM OFFICE mainly supports special contests and some international contests. If you want to log other contests, the Contest/DXpedition function provides a flexible input option directly in the standard QSO input window. You can then send the appropriate log file to the contest manager directly from there.

Also from the standard QSO input window, the contest/DXpedition function can be used to set up the program so that the fastest possible input for a DXpedition can be selected.

If you want, you can also use all the possibilities of the TRX connection, CW keyer, DX cluster and other convenient functions during the contests.

The following is an excerpt from the rules of the Funkertag QSO party:
The log program provided by ARCOMM as freeware, among other things, enables the log data to be recorded and checked very quickly. This small, clear program with no extras is mastered by almost all accountants. Many of them found their way into electronic logging through this program and often the first opportunity to send logs by email at the party.
Even experienced contesters use this program for the party and use the ADIF file to transfer the data to their main log.

Pic below:The following picture shows a selection from the multitude of ready-made contests.

Select predefined Contestlogs
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Input window contest
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Pic above:The contests are prepared so that exactly the right input fields are active. During the contest you can see immediately whether a QSO for a new multi is worthwhile. Points and the number of multies as well as the calculation of the total number of points are also displayed when you enter them.

Pic below:In the main QSO input window, you can switch to a special layout, which you can also use for contests.
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switch to contest mode
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