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QSO funktions

Logbook with top convenience
If you want to decide for yourself whether you just want to enter QSOs or whether you want to benefit from lots of additional information and auxiliary functions, then HAM OFFICE will meet you the whole way. When filling the logbook during or after the QSO operation, convenience and clarity are very important in HAM OFFICE. More information

Contest functions

Win contests with HAM OFFICE.
Many YLs and OMs use the input options of HAM OFFICE, which are precisely tailored to a specific contest. So it can justifiably be said that you are in "good company". No superfluous keyboard entries and only the essential information and still convenient: only HAM OFFICE can do that. More information

Evaluation functions

Evaluate QSOs with HAM OFFICE and keep an overview.
Entering QSOs is one side. But then keep track of things, find information quickly and make the most of it for diplomas or personal competitions, the other side. Here, HAM OFFICE is a safe bet. Use the many display, search and evaluation options of the program and enjoy the clear and easy-to-use functions. More information

HAM world

Experience the whole AR world with HAM OFFICE.
You can use HAM OFFICE completely independently of other devices and the Internet. But with HAM OFFICE you can also exhaust many possibilities that are offered by the connection to the worldwide DX cluster network and to amateur radio-related websites as well as by connection to the TRX, CW-Keyer, Rotor and other devices . More information


HAM service with award.
A competent service with weekly telephone support and a prompt reaction to emails, an offer of webinars, data and program updates - that is unique and hard to beat.

Startseite modern
HAM OFFICE is a professional program for entering and evaluating logbook data . It is based on the experience of years of logbook programming and many hints, wishes and tips from radio amateurs.

The program combines the political and physical representation of the earth, continents and countries with information specific to amateur radio. Thanks to vector-oriented graphics, the maps and graphics can be adapted to any screen resolution and can be zoomed in very detailed. The operation of the program is extremely clear and simple .  

HAM OFFICE basically offers all the important functions necessary for a thorough and appealing input of QSO data and logbook evaluation . Help functions support every single step from the first start of the program. Using the extensive import functions , HAM OFFICE can import data from almost any logbook program.

A big advantage of HAM OFFICE are the regular data updates on the Internet, which are available in generally guarantee a database that is more up-to-date than that of other newly acquired programs. Interfaces to the Federal Network Agency, Callbook CD, QRZ.COM and other databases are available for current call data. The regular data updates are a service offered for the program. However, they are not part of the program and are not included in the program price.

The following are the main features of this program:
  • Enter and change the QSO data in an input window with lots of additional information
  • Evaluations of the most important logbook data in list form, tables, bar charts and on maps
  • Import of the QSO data from all other logbook programs via import filters and ADIF
  • Data export: ADIF, CSV, STF, Cabrillo, EDI, text files
  • Printout of all important lists
  • automatic generation of HTML files
  • latest prefix cross reference
  • Searching the logbook according to various criteria
  • free online log
  • Diploma evaluations
  • Zoomable world maps with political, physical and neutral view, globe
  • in the maps graticule and locator grid, CQ and ITU zones, DXCC, country, prefix search, DXCC information, position flag, call sign search
  • DX cluster module for TNC and Internet
  • SAT module with SAT list and satellite tracking
  • UHF contest, WAG contest, many other contests
  • professional QSL printing on labels or cards
  • Access to Callbook, Internet databases and addresses (BNetzA, QRZ.COM, HO-OnlineLog, etc.)
  • electronic QSO confirmations with eQSL and LotW
  • CAT, GPS, Rotor and CW keyer interfaces
  • Additional module "HAM Diplom"
  • EMail-QSL
  • HAM OFFICE mobile APP
  • HAM Xpress mobile APP
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